Working Papers

  1. "Epidemics and Macroeconomic Dynamics" with Munechika Katayama, TCER Working Paper Series, E-162, July 2021. Link New!
  2. "In Search of Lost Time: Firm Vintage and Macroeconomic Dynamics" with Toshihiro Okubo, RIETI Discussion Paper Series 21-E-015, March 2021. Link New!
  3. "COVID-19 Misperception and Macroeconomy" with Munechika Katayama and So Kubota. WINPEC Working Paper Series No.E2016 October 2020. Link
  4. "Monetary Policy, Firm Heterogeneity, and Product Variety" with Francesco Zanetti. WINPEC Working Paper Series No.E2005 May 2020.  Link , revise and resubmit, European Economic Review
  5. "Firm turnover in the export market and the case for fixed exchange rate regime" with Francesco Pappada. Research Discussion Papers 1/2020, Bank of Finland.  Link, revise and resubmit,  IMF Economic Review  
  6. "Variety and Quality in Trade Dynamics" CREA Discussion Paper Series 16-19, Center for Research in Economic Analysis, University of Luxembourg, August, 2016 (submitted). Link 


  1. "International Risk Sharing with Heterogeneous Firms", WINPEC Working Paper Series No.E1907, June 2019 (former title: "Missing Risk Sharing from International Transmission through Product Quality and Variety") Link , Journal of International Money and Finance, forthcoming  
  2. "Economic consequences of follow-up disasters: lessons from the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake" with Anastasios Evgenidis and Wessel Vermeulen, Working Papers e152, Tokyo Center for Economic Research. Link ,  Energy Economicsforthcoming  
  3. "Natural Disasters and Trade: The mitigating impact of port substitution" (former title: "Adapting to within-country export barriers: Evidence from the Japan 2011 Tsunami", September 2017 Link ), with Wessel Vermeulen, , May 2020, Journal of Economic Geography, Volume 20, Issue 3, Pages 809–856. Link
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